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IG Air Cargo
How to use the Barcode Label Generator?
Complete the Barcode Label Generator form on the start-page by entering the relevant information into each box.
After you have completed all the boxes, click on the Generate Barcode button on the bottom of the screen and your
barcode labels will automatically be generated and ready to print or transfer by e-mail. To create the barcode you
need to have the adobe acrobat reader plug in installed. For more information about the different boxes please
read the field-descriptions below.

Field | Box-Descriptions
ABW Number



ABW number means the 8-digits number which will automatically be checked by the program.
Prefix is the 3-digits airline prefix
3-digits ISO code of the origin airport
3-digits ISO code of the destination airport
3-digits ISO code of the transit airport(s)
count the 1st and the last package number
The actual cargo weight including the tare weight of the packing in kgs or lbs
Free text, reference number, order number, house AWB number, special instructions

Is this application free to use?

The use of this program is absolutely free of charge ! Thanks to our sponsors !

Best View | Website optimasation
Browser 5.x I Optimised for Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera and Safari
Windows or Macintosh Platform
Screenresolutin at least 1024x768 pixel
Screen Colors: best view with True Color, 32-bit
Java active I Adobe Acrobat Plug In

What do i need to create a Barcode Label? | Adobe Acrobat Reader
To create the barcode, the adobe acrobe reader is needed. You can download the adobe acrobat reader for free: http://www.adobe.com/

What can i do if the barcode label does not work?

Check again your system set up and the specifications under website optimisation. If there are still problems
please send an email to the webmaster or please fill in the form in the CONTACT menu.

How can I print the labels?
Zweckform The system prints 4 labels on DIN A4 paper (please use laser-printer), which can be cut and glued onto the packages.You can also use ready-made adhesive labels which can be ordered at http://www.zweckform.com article number 3483 or similar product of other providers.

How can i publish my banner on WWW.AWBLABEL.COM?

It is possible to publish your banner, link or other advertisement on www.awblabel.com. Just fill in the form in the
CONTACT menu or send us a mail and we will reply to you with rates and conditions as soon as possible.


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